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“Greg and Barbara are accomplished Agents and the Team Leaders who bring a strategic yet personable approach to the buying and/or selling process.”

Drawing from his years of experience as an entrepreneur with a heavy focus on negotiation, marketing and multi-tasking, Greg founded The Select Team in 2004, selling an average of 175 homes per year. Barbara brings her refreshing style, friendly customer care and proven ability to guide buyers to obtain the best value for their dream home.

Greg and Barbara recognize that Real Estate requires instant information, effective communication, and critical decisions… all of which require a high aptitude for business and an approach that is much different than the traditional “sales” model seen on TV.  Greg and Barbara run an organization of full-time, experienced professionals that operates as a business… not high-pressure salespeople.

If you expect a high-level business approach to your Purchase and/or Sale… if you expect current technology… if you expect consistent communication… and if you expect high ethics and standards… then look no further than Greg and Barbara Lydell.

Start your own research or simply search homes freely to check out the market… without pop-up ads, spam and sales calls.  We have eliminated the bait-and-switch fake listings on the “Zillow-like” sites by introducing ViewNOVAHomes.com , a Direct link to the actual MLS database.  Search Homes just like a Realtor.  Blazing Fast and 100% Accurate.  See the Difference at our specialized Home Search site!ViewNOVA Logo

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Little Touch Ups that Make a Big Difference

You are probably already aware of the major things you need to do around your home to get it ready for sale. These include getting rid of clutter, doing minor repairs, and making everything clean and tidy so every room is as much of a showcase as possible. But there are ...

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When to Consider a less-than-ideal Home

Obviously, when you’re searching for a new home, you want to find one that is ideal. It should be your next dream home. However, sometimes it pays to consider at least some properties that don’t meet all your criteria. After all, you never know whether one of them is actually ...

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Smart Packing Tips for Moving Day

The last thing you need after a long moving day is to discover that a valuable item was damaged. That’s certain to dampen your spirits when you’re just getting settled into your new home. Here are some packing tips to help ensure that doesn’t happen: Avoid worn-out or damaged boxes as ...

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What a Buyer is Thinking While Viewing Your Home

Ask any good salesperson for an effective selling technique and they’ll probably say something like, “Understand the buyer. Try to figure out what they’re thinking.” That’s good advice for you to consider when you’re putting your home up for sale. You need to imagine what a buyer might be thinking while ...

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